ESOT 2017: The future of transplantation

The ESOT YPT Workshop and its Presidential Debate gives you a chance to engage with a variety of speakers in a lively ‘town hall’ format, as well as connecting with other young transplant professionals from around the world. The session will begin with talks from three key presenters on the past, present, and future of transplantation and open Q&As with each presenter.

09:00– 10:35 - The future of transplantation: 3 lectures on Past, Present and Future

CHAIRS: Alice Koenig, Lyon, France
Thomas Resch, Innsbruck, Austria

09:05 Lecture: The future of transplantation - Historical Perspective
Sir Roy Calne, Cambridge, United Kingdom

09:25 Open Q&A with Roy Calne

09:35 Lecture: The future of transplantation - Present perspective
Jan Lerut, Brussels, Belgium

09:55 Open Q&A with Jan Lerut

10:05 Lecture: The future of transplantation - Future perspective
Igor Sauer, Berlin, Germany

10:25 Open Q&A with Igor Sauer