Dr. Eriselda Keshi

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Eriselda Keshi




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Eriselda Keshi is a surgical resident in the Surgical Clinic of Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow | Campus Mitte, and part of the Tissue Engineering Research Team of the Experimental Surgery. She is an expert in organ and tissue de- and recellularization, ex-vivo tissue/ organ perfusion with cell medium/ whole blood, cell isolation and seeding/ perfusion of 3D-printed constructs. She submitted her doctoral thesis on the topic of ‘Surface modification of decellularized bovine carotid arteries with human vascular cells significantly reduces their thrombogenicity‘ and is currently working on developing a thromboresistant coating for decellularized organs and construction of Neo-organs based on Tissue Engineering.

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